Since its launch in January 2018 WhatsApp Business has made it easy to engage with the customers for a lot of businesses. WhatsApp has 1.8 billion global users and 38 million South African users, making it the right platform for connecting with any audience. There is no reason why your business should not take advantage of WhatsApp Business, which is used by over five million businesses worldwide.

Whether you are a small business, micro business, medium business, or large business, you can use WhatsApp Business. Among the features of the app is the ability to fill out your business profile and add labels to customer chats. The app can be downloaded from Google Play for Android and the App Store for IOS. WhatsApp Business can be run on the same phone as your personal WhatsApp, but you will need a different phone number for the business app. Business and personal communications can be kept separate with this unique feature. Currently, it’s available in 180 countries and 60 different languages globally. WhatsApp is not just a great tool for messaging between people; it is also a platform that helps companies engage with customers locally.

Below are some of the key features of WhatsApp Business:

Have an Exclusive Business Profile

Create a business profile for your brand! This includes answering questions that help both the consumer and yourself. It can be viewed as a way to gain a user’s loyalty more quickly and with better results by presenting yourself as an open-minded, trustworthy establishment. You’ll then be able to pick up on the customers’ needs right away and possibly even create new flavors based on their input! To have a “Verified” badge next to your company name, WhatsApp has to confirm that this is a verified business account which they do by asking you to send along with information like an ID and/or proof of address.

Steps to add details about your business: Go to WhatsApp Business app – Open Settings > Business settings > Profile.

2. A Swift Response System

Quick replies let you save and reuse messages that you frequently send to multiple people so you can easily answer common questions promptly. Simply select “reply with message” from your email, make the changes you want, and boom – a new message with the changes made is sent!

3. Greeting and Away Messages can be automated

Messaging on WhatsApp brings people together. When WhatsApp users try to contact your company for the first time, they will receive a warm greeting on their screen! It’s like saying “Hello”. But you may also choose to explain who is taking care of them and ask if they have any questions or have any problems. This way, each time they message you it will bring them closer to your company with personalized interaction.

An away message can be a great way to set the tone for your customers when they are trying to reach you after hours. Instead of using just text that says you’re not available after a certain time, you can send your customers an appropriate, specific response that lets them know who best to contact for their requests at whatever time it is.
You can also edit your away status message to be sent after you have left the office. You can select Always send, Custom schedule, or After your work hours.

4. Unique Contact Labels

Businesses have different types of contacts. There are people you work with, people you communicate with, and people you’ll need to do business with. It can be difficult to keep up a relationship with everybody! You can organize your contacts so that you don’t get lost. You remember their names, their emails, and the last time you spoke to them.

A label can be added to a contact from the client’s chat page by clicking on the menu button > choosing a label and then saving.

Steps to add a new label: Click the menu button on the client’s chat page > click “ New label” > click save.

5. Track you Message Statistics

WhatsApp for Business gives you the option of generating metrics like how many messages were sent, delivered, and read.

Steps to access statistics: Tap the Menu button > Settings > Business Settings > Statistics.

6. Create Product or Service Specific Catalogues

Catalogs allow you to immediately connect with new customers by providing them with a convenient method of browsing all the merchandise that your business provides without having to send costly shipments to clients before. With catalogs, selling through WhatsApp Business can easily keep your brand in front of more people to engage with them and hopefully make sales!

7. Have an Interactive Business Messenger

Adding interactive buttons to your messages allows you to make them more appealing and makes your customers’ experience seamless and enjoyable.

WhatsApp Business offers 2 options:

1-CTA: The user would be redirected to a particular webpage by clicking this button or make a call by pressing this button
2- Quick reply: this allows users to answer with the predefined options without having to type in the answer manually.

8. Easy payment options with WhatsApp Payments

WhatsApp payments feature allows users to make payments or send money to people and businesses.

First-time users receive an SMS notification prompting them to register for the service from the business owner, who sends a request-to-pay message to the customer. To make a secure payment, the customer enters their name, surname, and card details.

9. Generating QR Codes to share them with your customers

By scanning the QR code on your WhatsApp business account, customers can message you on WhatsApp. The pre-populated message can be customized, and your unique QR code won’t expire unless you reset it or delete your WhatsApp Business account.

Steps to create your QR code:
Open WhatsApp Business > Settings.
Tap Settings > Business Tools > Short Link.
Tap the QR Code to view your QR code.

10. Allow your customers to connect with you by sharing a short link

Customers can begin a live chat with you by clicking a short link that you share with them. WhatsApp Business automatically generates a short link for your business when you create an account.

Follow these steps to access it for WhatsApp marketing:
Go to WhatsApp Business > Settings > Business settings.

Tap the Short link to view the auto-generated link.

11. Share new catalogs with your customers

Share your catalog with existing and potential customers. As part of WhatsApp’s efforts to help people discover your products, it allows people to share links to product catalogs on websites, Facebook, and Instagram. When people want to share a catalog or item, they can copy the link and send it via WhatsApp or another sharing service.

Businesses can now reach and engage with millions of users on WhatsApp Business, a platform that connects millions of users every day. With WhatsApp for Business, companies will be able to interact with customers on the platform they love while using WhatsApp chatbots to do it quickly and at scale. You should be aware of the limitations of the WhatsApp platform before developing a WhatsApp chatbot. It can be tricky and time-consuming to build your own bot. With Flo’s Plug and Play solutions, businesses can now build WhatsApp chatbots without any technical expertise. Want to know how? Visit the website today.