Best No-Code Platforms Bringing In Value Convenience 

More than 1 billion businesses around the world use technology solutions to engage and reach customers. Don’t be the one that misses out. Using the best no-code platforms for USSD, SMS, WhatsApp, and IVR, we create customer engagement solutions so you can grow your customer base. Hassle-free, no coding, and no technical skill required. You design and control the solution while cutting tech costs up to 90%!

Our Services Include

Flo helps you build simple questions and answers on many conversational interfaces which then converts your information to a code and helps you go live instantly. It offers a systematic form with easy tooltips, on only the best no-code platforms that guide customers to easily input questions and choices for USSD, WhatsApp, Programmable SMS, and IVR flows. All done in less than 10 minutes, with no coding, nor any technical expertise.

Here’s how it works:

1. Create an account
2. Create flows
3. Test on the simulator
4. Go live

Flo provides a powerful off-the-shelf selection of auxiliary service integrations such as mobile money, card payments, and bill processing options that businesses can integrate into their solutions to enrich your flows for a quick and easy purchase experience.
Our system generates an easy to export web-hook that can be ported to the service provider of your choice on the best no-code platforms for USSD, WhatsApp, programmable SMS, and IVR.
Flo enables businesses to view customer logs and track any failed logs from either their USSD, WhatsApp, programmable SMS, and IVR channels. This way your business can get in touch with the potential customers that tried to reach your business through either channel.

How it Works?

1). A customer sends ‘hi’ to a WhatsApp business number to receive a catalogue of products.

2). The customer selects the product of interest and receives the product details and prices.

3). The customer inputs the quantity they want and is prompted to pay with their card or M-Pesa.

4). For M-Pesa, they receive a pop-up that prompts them to input their mobile money pin.

5). For card payments, the customer is directed to a secure web page.

6). Once payment is confirmed a receipt or ticket is generated and sent on WhatsApp.

Featured Solutions: 


Use Flo to build a simple USSD, WhatsApp, programmable SMS, or IVR communication channel to collect data and questionnaires using phones or smartphones which require no-code platforms.

Insurance Acquisition

We help Insurance Firms automate the insurance acquisition process for their clients over these non-coded, conversational interfaces.


Do you offer services that require tickets as proof of purchase? Well, you can now build a simple USSD, WhatsApp, programmable SMS, or IVR customer-facing operation tool to sell tickets and process payments, hassle-free, and without any technical expertise on no-code platforms.