I’m sure most can agree that whenever you go to your favorite retail outlet you are welcomed by a very friendly and chirpy sales representative who helps you pick the best item based on your likes and needs. They mull over your spending plan and tackle any questions you may have during your interaction. Eventually, you make a buy and leave the store feeling glad. This is what’s known as a delightful client experience. There is so much that clients desire from personal, human-to-human interaction but with the means of technology and fast-paced lifestyles, not all have the opportunity to shop in-store. Thinking of taking your business online or already have e-commerce? The client’s online experience requires different elements while it can be much harder, it can be easier depending on the elements you use and the brand you’ve built. What is it that you need to know to have seamless customer engagement when going online and joining the e-commerce league?

A great product offering is no longer enough to satisfy customers. You need a unique offering and selling point that sets you apart from your competitors to stay ahead of the game. By providing a stellar customer experience through your e-Commerce store and other channels, you can achieve just that. Retaining customers is always beneficial to any business. An increase in your customer retention rate by 5% can increase profits by at least 25%. Associations that comprehend the significance of holding clients, endeavor to give a consistent client experience to their current purchasers.

How to enhance your e-Commerce to Provide Customer Satisfaction and Increase Sales:

Here are some of the standard e-commerce features that enhance customer retention:

  • Email acknowledgments or rewards after clients buy items that can be reclaimed later.
  • Convey ‘thank you’ messages in the wake of shopping. Perks and loyalty programs allow incentives that personalize the customer relationship.
  • Execute a reference program that will offer advantages to both your current clients and new customers too.
  • Send unexpected presents or samples with orders, for example, shirts, mugs, or keychains alongside the request to your most faithful clients.

1. Online Shoppers or buyers like surprises

Online purchasers or buyers like surprise gifts or gift packs. You can present these gifts as the purchaser browses through items to improve the client experience. It is normally prescribed to offer free shipping.
Improve your sales by having deals that they cannot say no to. Carry out this technique in an unexpected way by mentioning it during the checkout process. This will urge the customers to purchase from you again and help your brand, where they advertise through word of mouth in their circles and network. This strategy can also be applied to abandoned carts. Rather than sending the typical “We’re missing you” emails, give your shoppers an incentive to complete their purchase.

2. Build your online community

An online community is a group of people who are passionate about your products or services. It is a great way to expand your e-commerce service and brand. consumers love feeling a part of something big which is why they love to get noticed or receive personalized emails. Everything your brand does represent, stands for, is what makes up that brand. You can even have community members who promote your products. Social media and email are the two most potent channels for building communities. By encouraging your community to write reviews and rate your products, you can build a loyal following.

3. Analyze what people like about your online store

Social media provides brands with opportunities to project their brand voice. Identify a specific amount of time to devote to answering social media queries regarding your store every day.
Make sure you review all questions and comments on Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It is crucial to analyze and understand your buyer’s behavior, taste, likes, and dislikes to effectively sell the product or service they like to buy.

4. Following a Good Content Strategy

Use content marketing and can help your shoppers solve their biggest problems. Incorporate blog posts, tips, interviews, videos, and infographics related to the products you sell. Based on the products or services you sell on your e-store focus on the bestseller and you can create content that gives more beneficial information, advice tips and the right way to do things, etc. Always keep a content calendar handy.

5. Provide a Seamless Customer Experience

Since all channels of the internet are used by your customers. You should be doing the same! Omnichannel marketing can significantly improve conversion rates. Make sure you clearly display all the necessary contact information on your websites, such as email addresses and phone numbers. Put a live chat feature on your website so your customers can communicate with you. Chatbots have made it possible for customer service to provide round-the-clock support and automate responses to frequently asked questions.

6. Personalize Customer Experiences

Personalization has become the norm. Personalized emails are no longer sufficient. The shopping experience needs to be personalized throughout the buyer’s journey. Different variables need to be considered. You can use recommendation engines to provide personalized products based on the user’s location, shopping, and browsing history, with provided recommendations. Additionally, e-Commerce stores can use exit intent pop-ups, discounts, abandoned cart messages, etc. Making sure that your customer engagement experience is top-notch.

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