If your company at its core is centered around appointments, then you know how vital your tracking system needs to be. Utilizing tools such as email for customer booking, complicated and multiple folders to prioritize customers and logging sheets, manual diary logins, and just the mundane and manual task of keeping up can be overwhelming. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s called an online reservation system. A platform that does not just offer you a better system to track and follow, but a system that proves an efficient customer relationship and support management system.

An online reservation system is the best digital solution that a company can offer to its customers. It provides comprehensive features that are well-rounded to accommodate your company’s needs, as well as your customers. Online booking systems were created with the priority of customer support in mind. It is a new and innovative solution to make sure you offer your customers the service they can appreciate. It is understandable if you’re on the fence and not sure of the advantages of an online booking system yet, this is why we’ve put together 7 of its benefits so you can have the full picture of value it can be for your company.

7 Benefits of an Online Reservation System

1. Your Business Is Open 24/7

To avoid the disappointment of customers who are unable to reach you after hours or prioritize out their schedule, using an online platform is the solution to building a loyal and happy clientele. Customers can look at your calendar and decide which dates suit them the best, without the hassle of sitting on long calls, going back and forth in a diary, or even being put on hold. By allowing customers the freedom and transparency to book whenever they want to, it increases the chances of them having to commit as a result of their convenience. An online reservation system expands your business virtually to reach more customers and broadens the accessibility without the restriction of time, money, and space. 40% of online bookings are actually found to be done after hours. This way your business gets to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week without the implication of customers waiting on you as a business owner to be physically present.

2. Hassle-Free

Managing bookings online allows all information to be administrated digitally and can be easily accessible in a timeous manner. It also prevents the risk of double bookings and gives your staff a good picture of how to plan their days and weeks. You are also able to maximize your bookings which do not leave unused spots for other customers who are looking to book. You are also not tied to a landline if multiple customers need bookings which results in throttled phone lines. Using an online booking system saves you the time you need to tend to your customers and not get distracted by the nitty-grittys.

3. Gain More Insights into Your Business

Resources that allow you to track your business activity from sales to bookings, allow you to gain more insight into what customers are looking for or what they are struggling with. Using this as a tool can help you navigate and implement the changes you need to make your business more successful. Whichever online platform you use, an online reservation system allows a greater overview to see how fully booked you are or if you have space for new and more customers. It also allows you to track the progress between months and even years. Having all these details on record allows you to analyze the trends your company experiences.

4. Increases Revenue Thanks to Efficient Processes

Customers or clients rely on all services that are convenient, fast, and simple. An online reservation system provides customers a hassle-free, quick, and easy way to make a booking without the possibility of busy call lines, having to wait for the company to spend time checking their diary, or even be put on hold or wait days to receive a response. Booking online offers customers the opportunity to make a booking at the same time they decide on it. A company is more likely to keep a customer who is happy with the booking service and the time it takes to make a booking. This results in progressive revenue whenever customers continually reserve appointments.

5. Streamline Customer Queries

Online reservation systems offer a comprehensive platform to be able to communicate with the customer promptly. It enhances customer engagement which results in a satisfied customer regardless of the issue. A customer always appreciates the rate of response as it shows a level of intention and a very customer-centric approach. Which is what an online reservation system accommodates. Using a platform to make reservations or a ticketing system makes a company prioritize queries in good time showing the customer that their needs are important to you. This solution allows companies to not have to spend more on trying to get more staff than required which saves the company costs as well.

6. Improves Customer Loyalty

According to statistics, 45 hours is the average lead time between making a booking and service fulfillment. As previously mentioned, customers thrive in a digitally convenient age. Anything that hinders their time or money is viewed as a limitation which is why an online reservation system allows a quick and easy process that saves them both time and money when it comes to the logistics of making a booking. Customers have a higher chance of following through when there is a platform and system that offers customers direct access to carry out their inquiries or booking. This system looks attractive to the lives of customers who are always ‘busy’. The ability for customers to book online and inquire instantly makes your company seem reliable and efficient which results in them regularly returning. This expands your customer base and retains it.

7. Cuts Your Workload

Because certain tasks can be automated, the time and money you spend on doing things manually can be cut down. Automating these tasks calls for a quicker time to get things done, in this case, it is almost instant, but it also leaves no room for human error. By having a digital system to track, follow and prioritize bookings, you can rectify changes from a birds-eye-view way which prevents double bookings or jeopardizing another customer from being able to book. The workload is known to be cut down by almost 50% but not because the emphasis on attention to detail has shifted, instead, staff can work smarter and not necessarily harder.

Need a new and exciting edge to bring to your business? An online reservation system just might be what your company needs so you can focus on the more important tasks. Visit Flo by clicking here, and find out what key online solutions you can implement to get your business thriving and customers satisfied!