Like most people, you want to be in control of your data. You want to protect yourself from prying eyes and harm caused by online threats. – but that’s not always easy. The growing number of smartphones and tablets that are used for both business and personal purposes is among the most difficult assets for companies to manage and protect. A breach of mobile privacy and security could potentially expose not only the employee’s personal information, but also company email, messages, and videos, as well as client contact information, log-ins and access codes.

Security concerns from smartphones are growing daily. The Internet of Things has opened doors to an array of apps with dubious security measures. Mobile privacy and security have never been more important. Personal data is being stolen at an alarming rate. But when your phone is three generations old, how do you keep up with the latest security updates to stop hackers in their tracks? At Flo by Saada, we value the mobile privacy and security of your business, which is why we’ve provided these tips to ensure that you always take the necessary measures to secure your business.

7 Tips to measure and control your mobile privacy and security

1. Install a password manager

Passwords made up of random characters are the strongest. The issue with using complex passwords is that they are hard to remember. Using the same password for multiple accounts is also not recommended. Password managers are great tools for storing these complex passwords which save you the effort of remembering them. Using a password manager allows you to keep all of your passwords in one encrypted and password-protected app.

2. Use a VPN while on public Wi-Fi

Experts suggest using a VPN to connect to a public Wi-Fi network instead of using mobile data when on your phone. A virtual private network prevents other people who share the same public network from spying on your data. As well as masking your data transmission, they can prevent filtering and censorship on the internet, and they provide easier access to a wider variety of content around the world. However, you need to read the service agreement regardless of how often you use a VPN so you know what data will be collected and where it will be stored.

3. Pay attention to app permissions

Are you aware of what your apps are doing? Monitoring how your phone behaves after downloading an app is equally important as paying attention to the permissions that you grant to it. For example, if after installing an app, you notice your battery life is decreasing faster than usual, you may be dealing with malicious software that is running in the background. Experts recommended double-checking the permissions that the app requests. You should consider whether an app’s request for certain permissions makes sense. It is important to take control of your apps’ permissions.

4. Find out more about the app or company

While it’s easy to download an app in just seconds, it can also take seconds for an app to cause havoc. There is a personal responsibility that comes with downloading apps and your own mobile privacy and security. Before downloading any app, take the time to research the company or developer who produced the app. If you search for the name of the app and the phrase “data scandal” or “scam,” the results will indicate if there have been recent privacy or data breaches. If an app is the only one a developer has released or if the developer has created any other shady apps, it’s a good idea to avoid it.

5. Avoid excessive social media use

You can’t control who sees your personal information when you share it on social media, and privacy breaches become common knowledge. With the privacy of millions placed at risk, it’s hard to relax when you’re posting online. Here are a few privacy violations that social media are responsible for. Social media users should restrict the amount of information they share, regardless of what is asked of them on their profiles. The more information you provide, the more likely you are to be breached.

6.Update software regularly

One software update could either protect you from all these problems or cause tremendous issues. Why? Because of the way mobile phones operate. If you’re like most people, the majority of your time on your phone is spent inside apps and on internet browsers – both of which give away information about your activity, where you are and who you know, purely because you’ve allowed them to do so. You should think of software updates as vaccinations for your devices. Software updates are important to your mobile privacy and security and digital security. Criminals constantly evolve their methods for hacking into smartphones and stealing information, which is why software updates help evolve our security methods as well.

7. Do not download apps from sites other than Google Play and Apple App Store

Not all apps available in the App Store or Google Play store are 100% reliable, but experts still recommend that you download from the official store rather than download them elsewhere. This is because there’s a formal vetting process to ensure that apps on these platforms meet the highest levels of data protection where they will also be required to produce privacy policies explaining how their data is protected.

It’s simple really. Your smartphone can give you everything you need these days, but it has to have access to all the information stored on it. And that means your passwords, contacts, photos, GPS location and how much you spent on that new dress last week. Not only are new security risks appearing for old phones but also your personal tracking data is being sent to big data companies with little or no regard for your privacy. Your private data on your smartphone is under threat with the increase of hackers looking in.

For efficient mobile privacy and security, it’s important to take note of the apps you’re downloading and that they are regularly updated. Flo by Saada ensures efficient mobile privacy and security through the platforms we use. With these tips, you’ll be able to protect your business transactions and communications while getting the most out of your mobile device. 

To make business easier and more efficient, check out Flo by Saada to see what platforms you best prefer while adhering to the above.