Losing sales because you’re not getting enough leads? Feel like you’ve exhausted all the traditional lead generation trends out there? Finding qualified leads is one of the biggest struggles most companies face. If you don’t have enough leads to fill your sales funnel, it can be tough to grow your business.

Trustworthy data is hard to come by. Market research is nowhere near exact, not with variables and externalities coming into play daily. Every time you launch a marketing campaign, the chances of a positive response have fallen. And it’s not only you – everyone else is feeling the pain too. This is where our list of lead generation trends comes in.

What were the most common lead generation trends up until now?

Email marketing

In most email marketing strategies, new users are both attracted and kept in contact with lead nurturing actions that include email marketing.

Display campaigns

Banners were intended to market brand awareness. This tool has gained popularity due to its use of good microcopies, but some users find it intrusive.

Social media advertising

Facebook offers specialized ads to capture leads, but organic traffic is not always what we want, and its effectiveness depends on how much money we spend.

What’s changed?

The answer to this question lies in automation and conversational marketing. The current lead generation trends show how leads are now captured at levels the brands could not have imagined because of the automatic and immediate interaction of this technology. They also maintain a human touch throughout the entire funnel, as all conversations and interactions are handled through simple, easy-to-understand interactions. In 2022 it is expected that 85% of online businesses will have chat options on their websites.

Here are 10 tools that support these lead generation trends:

1. Marketing through instant messaging

There’s never been a more perfect time to take advantage of messaging marketing. WhatsApp sees its advantage over email platforms by providing customers with the comfort they need to communicate regardless of their location and making a user feel in control to receive the information they need at their own pace, rather than having to wait for notifications. Therefore, the user can respond whenever they want either immediately, or in a week.

2. Conversational interfaces for websites

What makes chatbots so popular? The fact that it allows you to reach a lot of customers online you never thought possible. The use of chatbots substantially increases leads compared to content generation. A chatbot has been shown to increase leads on websites by as much as 33% compared to a traditional form.

3. WhatsApp and messaging chatbots

In addition to creating a conversation flow, you can create templates to automate responses to your customers and develop pre-defined responses that will increase customer satisfaction and therefore improve your customer journey. 

4. Sponsored messages

Are you aware that you are more likely to sell to an existing customer than to a new one? By using this objective within Facebook Ads, we can retarget users who have reached out to us, either organically or via traffic campaigns to Messenger. This allows you to reach your entire audience within a single day while reducing the cost per conversation and action tenfold and ultimately increases your sales immediately. The combination of a chatbot and task automation is an excellent method of filtering traffic (performing lead scoring), which helps your sales team and your ATC focus on the most valuable leads.

5. Lead Nurturing AI and Automation

Out of all the above lead generation trends, an important trend for 2021 is the possibility of automating lead scoring, so you do not have to wait until the next board meeting to measure results and follow up, but you can do it when you need to. The reason for this is that many leads we generate simply do not benefit us, and while managerial or strategic decisions may be made, the team continues to pursue the wrong goal.

While it can be beneficial to acknowledge the above tools and trends, relevance is always crucial to ensure the correct strategy.

Among the wrong leads that we generate are:

  • People based outside of your company’s operating country who are interested in your services.
  • Consumers with no purchasing authority.
  • Clients with insufficient budgets for a sufficient ROI.
  • Consumers who just want to download your content for research purposes.

Through the various lead generation trends and tools that we have discussed and what to avoid, the following three questions need to be asked to ensure the correct and relevant leads are secured:

  1. Would this be relevant to my target audience?
  2. Does it solve my weaknesses?
  3. Will it improve the experience?

Take the first step now towards ensuring your business thrives in a declining lead generation market by bringing that all-important human element back into your next campaign. Use the above tools to drive your leads and increase your sales immediately. To make your business relevant, efficient and successful, check out Flo by Saada to see what platforms and tools you can utilize to enhance your conversational interface today