Conversational marketing is the quickest method to budge buyers by harnessing the power of real-time conversations. It fosters consumer and buyer ties and generates genuine experiences.

Conversational marketing is an online human interaction that you get at a store. Businesses that have already inculcated conversational marketing platforms are enjoying the many benefits it provides. What it involves is that through chatbots, the visitors to your business page or website are engaged in the forefront when they enquire about your business services, products (potential leads). It’s like an online customer service representative. 

Conversational marketing will assist you in converting more qualified leads more quickly. This translates to happier consumers and a happier business. 

How conversational marketing is evolving your customers’ purchasing behavior

The way we’ve been educated to market and sell has a flaw: it no longer corresponds to how people buy products. Contemplate this: where do you have the most of your communications when you’re not talking with somebody face-to-face? Messengers. People prefer messaging to other forms of communication because it is quick, simple, and seems like a conversation. According to a recent survey conducted by Twilio, 90 percent of consumers desire to use it to interact with businesses. 

We need to reintroduce the personal element into business. Conversational marketing agencies such as Drift, Intercom are some of the conversational advertising examples that employ highly developed, enterprise-oriented chatbots.  

What does conversational marketing involve?

Conversational marketing does not necessitate a complete overhaul of your marketing strategy. It’s the fastest b2b marketing tactic to get customers to progress through your marketing and sales funnel. It’s more like activating a new lead-generation channel that works in tandem with your current marketing activities. 

The Conversational Framework is a simple framework developed that involves three steps:

Step 1: Active involvement by Chatbots instead of online forms to engage more leads

What happens if you allow people to start discussions right away on your website rather than forcing them to fill out forms before speaking with anyone? For the most part, this translates to improved conversion rates, more chances, and a more personalized customer experience. This is the best digital marketing tactic. 

You can use a bot to start a conversation with visitors who want to download something right now, contact sales, or schedule a demo. However, the conversation doesn’t have to stop there; you can continue it and direct individuals around your funnel rather than making them wait for a follow-up email. 

You can’t have somebody running live chat on your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s why intelligent chatbots can be used for conversational marketing at any time of day. To start the discussion, tailored messages can be sent to visitors who appear to be most inclined to buy. Conversational marketing helps to reach out to people who are serious about buying, whether you want to assist clients who are looking at your price page or check in on repeat visitors. Step two: In minutes, rather than days, figure out who your leads are and what they want.

Step 2: Your leads want a response in minutes 

According to Harvard Business Review research, when a lead is given a response within five minutes, the lead can turn out to be a qualified one. The response given after five minutes can lead to lowering the chances of qualifying the lead by 400%. Conversational marketing uses bots to keep you available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to communicate with new leads. Leads no longer have to wait for follow-up emails. Chatbot systems can engage them in real-time.

Step 3: Human-to-Human engagement 

Bots are amazing at engaging and understanding leads, but when it comes to closing the sale, nothing beats human-to-human engagement. Bots use intelligent routing. This brings leads to your sales team and even plans meetings for them, freeing up your salespeople to focus solely on selling. 

The new way of marketing is customer-centric and not business-centric. Treat a customer like a person, who would like to buy on his/her terms and timeline. Moreover, a customer would like a personalized experience and needs to be met as soon as possible without a delay. 

Positive results of conversational marketing

  • The sales cycle is shortened.
  • Sales pipeline grows. 
  • Better and higher leads are attracted. 
  • Get to know about the needs of your leads through built-in feedback

Victors to your business can either be aware or not aware of your business or about a problem and are looking for a solution. How can you help such visitors? You need to give an emergency response. This is possible via Chatbots. 

Chatbots are the first impression for any visitor. They are the first greeting, the first connection with your potential leads. It gives you the power to know what’s on a lead’s mind and how they perceive your business. A good impression will lead to good revenue, reputation and happiness. Flo by Saada is the next best b2b marketing example in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, and South Sudan, which will help your business reach its right destination or the right people who will buy your products and services. Flo by Saada will help increase the revenue of your business by giving the right push, the right reach, and the right direction towards a successful business. Contact Flo by Saada and see your business revenue flow!