There is so much noise on the Internet and getting your business noticed can be difficult. Having a website can sometimes not be enough in convincing customers to purchase let alone get them to review the product or service once completed. Online reviews can however flood the web, but most client feedback isn’t even authentic. Fake accounts or random web users looking to bring down brands do exist. A business can only benefit from more online, authentic reviews. You would therefore strive to lower the risk leaving room for unauthentic accounts to leave reviews or testimonials. However, looking to maximize positive reviews and minimizing negative ones requires a delicate balancing act. There’s also the problem of getting more client feedback as your business grows as well as intentionally making an effort to extract this feedback or ratings.

More and more people are leaving reviews online after every purchase or experience they have if they are new to the brand and have a commendable experience or they’re just a very loyal customer. If you want to be set apart from your competitors, client feedback may just be the only thing standing in your way and the platform or resource to receive this information. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to get started with customer reviews as well. Online reviews have the potential to significantly impact your business. Whether you’re focused on improving customer satisfaction, increasing revenue, or building trust among your clients, a robust online review system with consistent client feedback can help. You could be missing out on a ton of local customers. There are so many benefits for you to have an online review system for your business. If you are still unsure of the reasons to implement an online review system to receive client feedback, below are just some of the reasons why you should consider it.

5 Benefits That Client Feedback From An Online Review System Can Have On Businesses:

1. Builds your brand image

Online reviews have become a vital part of the online marketing activity for many companies. Client feedback helps a company build credibility, gain market share and increase revenue. Ratings are especially important in how successful your brand looks to potential customers that determine credibility and how well put together the brand looks. Online review systems make it convenient for the clients to leave their feedback which shows potential clients that your brand cares about what they think or feel

2. Room to improve issues

Customers are vocal about their positive experiences and they feel empowered to share those experiences with others. On the other hand, they do not like it when things go wrong or encounter issues along their checkout process. But rather than just letting them vent to others, providing an online review system offers them the platform to communicate directly with you. Direct client feedback is essential to preventing a negative image but also provides room for clients to see the initiative the business has taken in correcting those mistakes or resolving those issues. Quick turnaround time provides ample benefit and reputation rehabilitation.

3. Turns visitors into paying clients

Reviews make a big difference in influencing people’s decisions online. And by “people,” I mean potential clients who are deciding whether or not to purchase from your brand. Clients are bombarded with different marketing messages and it only takes one negative thing to make them decide against a certain brand. An online review system can help your brand by helping you maintain your business’s customer base and bring in new customers. This is why client feedback is essential to any business. It is directly tied to bringing in new customers and increased sales.

4. Avoids flooded reviews/testimonials that are false

Your business can’t afford for your online reputation to be interrupted by fake reviews. The internet is filled with users which makes trying to find a trustworthy online review difficult. You have to read through so many reviews and there’s no way to tell if reviewers are just trying to be difficult or not. A system that allows direct client feedback prevents any room for fake reviews or starting a thread that could lead to drama. Creating fake testimonials on websites is misleading and can jeopardize your brand image and credibility.

5. Online review systems assist information management and extraction of information more easily

Behind several review-system failures lies a standard assumption that building these systems represents a technological challenge instead of a social control one. Business leaders typically invest heavily within the technology behind a system however fail to actively manage the content, resulting in common issues. A business can only benefit from more online reviews but even more from a user-friendly platform and database. Chat commerce platforms make it especially easy to extract and manage information instantly.

Expensive technology or software investments do not always mean efficient. Do you have people who already love your brand? Why not ask them to share their experience with online reviews? You never know what that small but important action will lead to for your business in the future. To have a successful platform to receive client feedback does not mean you have to pay an arm and a leg. Flo provides businesses the opportunity to implement online reviews through a plug-and-play chat commerce tool that can be accessed on any interfacing tool such as WhatsApp, SMS, and more. People are busy, and if they don’t find the value they’re less likely to write a review. However, businesses can now offer clients the opportunity to directly engage and communicate their queries and leave reviews all on one platform even after making a purchase or to read reviews before making one. Receiving client feedback has never been easier. Our solution is easy to use for both customers and businesses. Contact Flo and implement an online review system today!