It’s all about broadening your focus and making customer retention an active element of your marketing plan if you want to build customer brand loyalty.

According to a retail study, more than half of shoppers are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a trusted brand. The data shows not only that continuing to invest in loyal clients makes financial sense, but they are also willing to continue to do so. To understand what we’re talking about, we must define what we mean by brand loyalty.

What is brand loyalty?

Customers’ inclination to pick the same brands over competitors for an extended length of time is known as brand loyalty or customer loyalty. More specifically, we’re talking about consumer retention.

What is the importance of brand loyalty?

In a nutshell, brand loyalty is what keeps your business moving or developing. It’s a stepping stone toward greater success.

Putting it roughly, if you can’t keep your current customers, you’ll keep slipping back to square one, investing money into expanding your customer base just to stay in business. 

You can enjoy the benefits of a good brand loyalty strategy in four ways:

  1. Boost your earnings 
  2. Start the brand-recognition flywheel 
  3. Give yourself some breathing room 
  4. Silence the critics

How to strengthen brand loyalty

Here are six strategies for increasing brand loyalty or improving loyalty among your target demographic and customers.

1. Produce quality and value (more than what is expected)

Establishing brand loyalty requires delivering on what you promise, and doing so to the best of your ability. Never let a customer down. Aim for customer satisfaction. The services and goods you give must also be of the highest quality, with this quality being maintained in all you do so that the value you bring is never questioned. Understand what makes your customers happy and put your energy into that. There will be no need for your client to look elsewhere in the direction of your competition if you can exceed their expectations.

2. Contact your clients/customers regularly

Frequent interactions with your customers can help you and your business, as well as your client and their firm, establish good bonds and foster good customer relationships. Make use of social media to stay updated so that you can participate in their updates. Also, solicit feedback on what you do- show that you care by listening to and acting on the comments you receive. In a B2B context, being human is invaluable. 

3. Be consistent in all aspects of your life 

Authenticity and trust are built on a foundation of consistency, both in service delivery and in your brand. Ensure that all of your marketing materials are uniformly branded, and focus on what you have to offer so that your brand may become the go-to place for solving a certain problem. Take care of your brand’s logo, values, personality, and tone as if it were your reputation on the line.

4. Make a name for yourself in your industry or vertical

You can publicize your brand and leave an impact on customers, but if someone else promotes your brand and organization (through word of mouth referral), you have a better chance of gaining client confidence. One of the most efficient kinds of marketing is word of mouth. Make use of your media partners and other industry leaders to promote you and your business so that your consumers can see just how well-known you are. Positive public relations, such as through philanthropic activity or sponsorship, can assist with this and build some indirect awareness in your community. Maintain your relevance.

5. Concentrate on the customer experience and service rather than on sales

Another strategy to increase client loyalty is to concentrate all of your company’s efforts on customer experience and service. By choosing this business/marketing approach over, say, a sales-oriented one, you’re reminding your consumers that they’re constantly at the centre of your operations. When your clients contact you, always respond quickly and try to understand them completely.

6. Offer (surprising) incentives

Surprising your customers is sometimes the best way to make a positive impression. Providing surprise bonuses strengthens the link and demonstrates genuine gratitude since you are effectively thanking them for being your customer. This can be accomplished quickly and easily by sending gifts or greetings on birthdays and other personal milestones, as well as during seasonal events. Observing your client’s social media feed will indicate the types of activities they engage in their spare time, which you may aim to help in any way you can. Once or twice a year, try to surprise your client.

There are strategies to reward your loyal consumers and clients in addition to establishing brand loyalty to retain them on your side and coming back for more. Remember that loyal clients are profitable consumers; therefore rewarding them will help them stay loyal for a longer period. You can achieve this by giving current customers better rates (discounts), cooperating with other organizations to offer more inclusive offers, creating a community for your customers, recognizing the customer, having an annual customer day, and supporting their professional activities. Other methods for facilitating success include enabling an endless aisle capability (adopting an omnichannel approach), providing a virtual try-on experience, enabling an omnichannel POS, and being present where the customer is.

There is an opportunity to build brand loyalty and reward current consumers so that new business and sales teams aren’t burdened as much, and Flo By Saada can help you with this. Get in touch with us right away to find out how!