Marketers have long been concerned about artificial intelligence (AI). Fears of being caged in by rigorous metrics or computerized out of a job arise at the mere mention of Artificial Intelligence entering marketing departments. Despite their reservations, artificial intelligence or robotics may be the best option for marketers looking to strengthen relationships with their customers.

6 ways that artificial intelligence can build brand authenticity:

1. Creating a Brand

So, how can AI or intelligent retrieval help brands become more authentic? To begin, it’s important to define the term “brand.” While many marketers consider their brand to be the sum of their graphics and content, this is only one part. At its core, a company’s brand is the collective impression that its customers have of it. Every interaction a consumer has with a company contributes to the brand of that company. With that notion in mind, artificial intelligence or expert systems can play a variety of roles in creating an authentic brand experience.

2. Visibility of the brand

Accessibility or visibility is the foundation of brand credibility at its most fundamental level. Accessibility allows brands to reach a bigger audience and for those consumers to have a more complete experience. Marketers may effortlessly exclude deaf and hard-of-hearing customers as they generate more video content. Manually written captions take time, and for marketers with a busy content calendar, they may not be a priority. Artificial intelligence-generated video subtitles, for example, allow marketers to easily improve video accessibility. Artificial intelligence-powered subtitles that may be used on live video give video content more depth.

The image-rich environment of social media marketing can be difficult to understand, let alone enjoy, for persons with visual impairments. The built-in artificial intelligence-generated image captions function on Facebook and Instagram is starting to break down those limitations. This means that irrespective of whether a brand has included an image description, more individuals will be able to enjoy social media content.

In a hectic marketing schedule, accessibility can be overlooked as just another thing to remember. Artificial intelligence or knowledge engineering allows for broader brand interactions by reducing the work required to build an accessible brand experience.

3. Recognizing the customer’s perspective

Artificial intelligence or ‘thinking’ computer systems can remove barriers to understanding as well as barriers to accessibility. Collecting client feedback is both instructive and time-consuming for many marketers. While brand reviews and internet mentions provide insight into customer perceptions of a business, they’re sometimes lost in the shuffle of raw data.

Sentiment analysis driven by artificial intelligence allows artificial intelligence to handle the grunt work of sorting through data to produce insights into how people perceive brands. Newer artificial intelligence-driven sentiment analysis algorithms are even beginning to detect sarcasm in consumer comments, going beyond simple “positive,” “negative,” and “neutral” impressions.

Emotion recognition, unlike customer interviews or surveys, uses raw customer feedback. This software provides a holistic view of how customers perceive brands when combined with the volume of data AI can handle. Marketers can better determine where they are misrepresenting the situation by comparing these brand perceptions to their target brand. Brands can become the greatest authentic version of themselves by attempting to bridge that gap.

4. Personalized brand experiences

Artificial intelligence can personalize client experiences in addition to making them more accessible and understandable. One of the most significant barriers to brand authenticity is the increasing impersonality of marketing as it scales. While marketers attempt to address this issue through segmentation, segments alone are unable to provide the amount of personalization that customers desire.

Artificial intelligence provides a straightforward way for creating the elusive “segment of one.” Google’s Recommendations is one example of a solution. AI learns the content and goods each client prefers to provide them with more of it. Brands may provide completely tailored experiences by deliberately displaying the aspects of their brand that each client interacts with. Customers feel understood by brands when they have a one-to-one connection with them.

5. Making branding investments

Marketers may be more accepting of artificial intelligence’s role in accessibility, analysis, and personalization, but truly creative artificial intelligence can be off-putting. However, even though it can create and design, content still has a role to play in making brand experiences more authentic.

Open artificial intelligence’s text-to-image generation and generated text capabilities appear to be an existential danger to creativity at first glance. While these artificial intelligence applications may appear to be a threat, they can also help brands become more human.

Genuine brands require a distinct point of view that sets them apart from the competition. Despite this, marketers devote a significant amount of time and effort to generic first draughts. Marketers may focus on fine-tuning rather than basics with automatically generated designs and content. AI-generated assets move the focus toward customer experience, giving marketers more time to focus on the features of their assets that customers will remember, giving them more time to work on the subtleties that define businesses.

6. The authenticity of brand manufacturing

Artificial intelligence may be a useful tool for marketers in a variety of ways, from brand accessibility to created brand assets. It thrives on reducing barriers between brands and customers, rather than creating new ones. Marketers who are willing to take the risk may find that a little automation helps their brand’s humanity.

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