What We Do 

Flo introduces a new and easier way to customize customer-facing operations through conversational interfaces. We help businesses build USSD, WhatsApp, Programmable SMS, and IVR solutions on no-code platforms without needing any technical expertise to optimise customer engagement and increase their customer base. We achieve this by offering a plug-and-play tool using two components: A Flow Builder and Integration Microservices. Our intelligent technology is integrated with WhatsApp to give instant feedback to customer enquiries while using automated methods to process payments and make sales.

Why Flo?
Flo implying USSD, SMS, Voice, and WhatsApp flows.

Who We Are

Nominated in 2020 at the top 5 disruptive innovations in Africa, Saada is a software company that empowers businesses to automate operations without any coding.
We are a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who are passionate about wanting you to get the most value out of your sales, customer base, and customer engagement. Most flow builders are outside Africa as well as their power, corporate clients. We at Saada take a localized approach by availing all local integrations for each African market by giving SMEs a chance to create relatable solutions for each market at low costs.

Our Mission

We strive to help businesses reach their full potential and stay ahead of the corporate competition through automating their customer-facing operations using conversational interfaces at low costs.

Our Reach

We focus on building and maintaining infrastructures at minimum costs and take a localized approach to each African market by availing all local service integrations. This makes a business relatable within each local market which results in an exponential increase in their customer base, sales and engagement solutions. We allow businesses to offer the best customer care solutions and conveniently sell tickets, insurance, make reservations, process loans and so much more throughout the whole of Africa.

Countries: Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, and South Sudan