Plug & play solutions on the go.


We enable businesses to grow while enhancing client engagement using USSD, WhatsApp, programmable SMS, and IVR solutions, without any technical expertise.


We’ll work with you to develop the right strategy to fit your business needs.


Synchronously automate your business engagement and sales processes.


We provide you with dedicated servers to deploy and test applications seamlessly.


We walk you throughout each process so that you can focus on enhancing client engagement and increasing sales.  


1. What is Flo?
Flo is a systematic tool that helps you build simple questions and answers on USSD, WhatsApp, programmable SMS, or IVR platforms which then converts this to a code and helps you go live instantly. It is a tool designed to increase your customer base while enhancing client engagement. Flo implies USSD, SMS, Voice, and WhatsApp flows.
2. How do I use Flo?
Click on our ‘Try it out’ tab and we will walk you through it.
3. What platforms can Flo be used on?
Flo is used through USSD, WhatsApp, SMS, and IVR platforms on all phones and smartphones.
4. Who can use Flo?
Any business in Africa that is passionate or in need of building customer engagement. Flo was created with small businesses in mind who experience a low uptake of conversational solutions due to hefty building and technology infrastructure costs. As a result of this, businesses are slow to implement third-party services into their infrastructures when approaching new markets, which makes SMEs shy to expand outside their borders. Flo acts as a conduit in ensuring this process is as seamless as possible for both your company and your customers.
5. What experience do I need to use Flo?
None at all. Flo was created for everyone in mind. A user-friendly tool that is accessible to all. No technical experience and no coding involved.


Sales & Customer engagement

More that 1 billion businesses round the world use technology solutions to engage and reach customers. Do not be left out. Build your solution to day to grow your customer base! Hustle free, no coding, no technical skill required. You design & control the solution yourself, your way while cutting tech costs by upto 90%

Our Niche

Flo by Saada is powering innovative customer engagement and sales solutions on WhatsApp,USSD,IVR and Interactive Sms for businesses.

Featured Solutions: 


Use Flo to build a simple USSD, WhatsApp, programmable SMS, or IVR communication channel to collect data and questionnaires using phones or smartphones which require no-code platforms.

Insurance Acquisition

We help Insurance Firms automate the insurance acquisition process for their clients over these non-coded, conversational interfaces.


Do you offer services that require tickets as proof of purchase? Well, you can now build a simple USSD, WhatsApp, programmable SMS, or IVR customer-facing operation tool to sell tickets and process payments, hassle-free, and without any technical expertise on no-code platforms.


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